Recently, the National Intellectual Property Publicity Week Organizing Committee of China announced its decision to launch this year's National Intellectual Property Publicity Week  from April 20 to April 26, 2017, under the theme "innovation and creation changes lives and intellectual property creates better future". As part of the celebrations of the World Intellectual Property Day 2017, the publicity week is aimed to enhance publicity of intellectual property (IP) and increase IP awareness of the society.

The organizers have highlighted five fundamental points for this year's publicity week. The first point covers aspects such as disseminating China's extraordinary accomplishments and experiences on the construction, improvement and development of the IP system, spreading the achievements, measures and new ideas about IP put forth after the 13th Five-Year Plan was launched, implementing a series of suggestions to make China a powerful country in IP, carrying out national IP strategic action plans and enhancing intellectual property rights (IPR) protection and operation planning. The second point covers aspects such as disseminating the decisions taken by Party Committees and governmental institutions at all levels to protect IPR with emphasis on measures taken and results achieved in terms of IPR protection such as enacting laws and regulations and cracking down infringement and counterfeit goods, issuing reports on national IP development status and building a favourable international image in terms of China's IP protection. The third point covers the dissemination of every policy and measure taken by China to improve IP quality and its effective use, including unearthing reports on cases related to improving IP quality, effective use, management and services. It aims to further raise public awareness on IP quality, value and benefits. The fourth point aims to disseminate the achievements attained by the pilot reform on IP integrated management and to share all the successful experiences and work methods in each and every IP-related pilot and demonstration areas. The fifth point aims to raise awareness on IP with dissemination of laws and regulations and professional knowledge of IP industry, raising dissemination to a level where "respecting knowledge, upholding innovation, sticking to honesty and abiding the law" lies at the core.  

The National Intellectual Property Publicity Week organizing committee requests each region and institution to widen their dissemination channels and adopt innovative methods to arrange the activities facing the whole society, especially groups such as enterprises and adolescents, to further enhance IP awareness of the whole society.

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