He Zhimin, vice president of the State Intellectual Property Office, met the director of the Global Center for American Chamber of Commerce Alan Schmansky. Other delegates from America included David Campos, former director of the US Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO), Randall Rader, former chief justice of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and Mark Cohen, senior advisor of the USPTO. Both parties made in-depth exchanges in terms of such subjects as patent law revision, service invention regulation and drug patent linkage.

He recognized the contributions made by the Global IPR Center for American Chamber of Commerce in pushing forward the IPR-related exchanges between China and America. He expressed that China is willing to know and learn any beneficial experiences and welcomes America to share successful experiences in building IPR systems. He also hoped that both parties could strengthen exchanges.

David, on behalf of the American Chamber of Commerce, recognized Chinese efforts in protecting intellectual property. He expressed that the exchange would deepen the common understanding of intellectual property between America and China and positively promote future work.

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