At MOFCOM’s regular press conference on August 24, a CCTV reporter asked, “On August 19, USTR announced to launch the ‘301 investigation’ against China. How will this move affect Sino-US economic and trade cooperation? Will it trigger a trade war between the two countries? Is there any counter-measure that will be taken by China?”

MOFCOM spokesman Gao Feng responded that MOFCOM has expressed its position in its spokesman’s comments made on August 21. I would like to emphasize that, the US attempts to launch a probe against China only based on its own laws, which undermines the current international trade system and also pours cold water on various forces involved in the promotion of Sino-US economic and trade development. China expresses strong dissatisfaction with US’ unilateralism and protectionism, and will take all proper measures to safeguard the legitimate rights of the country and its enterprises.

China always believes that China and US have far more common interests than differences concerning the economic and trade matters, which means that they can achieve harmony in diversity, mutual benefit and win-win development. Cooperation is the best way to resolve bilateral divergences. It is hoped that China and US can continue with their concerted efforts to advance the “one-year plan” of economic cooperation based on the good achievements made in the previous “100-day plan”. In that case, we strive to score bigger achievements and keep China-US trade and economic relationship on a healthy and stable development track so that the business community and the general public of both countries can truly benefit from the cooperation.

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