On June 14, the National Copyright Administration of China released the early-warning list of copyright protection concerning the fifth batch of major works (or “the List”), with the 2018 World Cup event programs being included. As required, the relevant ISPs should take the protective measures on the major works included in the List: the ISPs providing content shall not offer the works included in the List without authorization; the ISPs featuring content uploaded by users should prevent the users from uploading the works included in the List; the ISPs providing the search links, e-commerce platforms and App stores should handle the take-down or unlinking notice filed by right holders of listed works in a faster manner.

On June 5, China National Radio (CNR) released a statement about the copyright of World Cup 2018 Russia event programs, saying that authorized by FIFA, it owns exclusive full-media rebroadcasting rights and sub-authorization rights in Chinese Mainland for the 2018 World Cup events. According to the agreement with FIFA, CNR is legally obliged to maintain the rights and interests of World Cup programs and crack down the acts of pirated broadcasting. To this end, CNR works with different stakeholders to make more efforts on copyright protection and take effective measures including legal measures to firmly combat the pirated broadcasting of any World Cup program.

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