From March to June, 2018, the former General Administration for Quality Supervision required the local authorities for quality supervision to improve the quality of agricultural supply system and ensure the crop safety by continuously deepening the “Lijian”Action of Quality Supervision, in an effort to fight against agricultural material counterfeiting and track down the illegal cases about counterfeit and substandard agricultural material products. Such an initiative,truly makes positive contributions to improving agricultural efficiency, increasing the rural people’s income and greening the rural areas.

The national quality supervision departments have dispatched 117,880 law enforcement officials accumulatively, inspected 8,591 producers of agricultural material products, looked into 639 illegal cases of quality of agricultural material, involving 9,150,580 yuan. It recoups agricultural production loss of 10,356,420 yuan.

Solid progress has been made in the various anti-counterfeiting work of agricultural material by indifferent local regions in various forms.

First, launch the activity of “agricultural material anti-fake efforts extend to villages”. The local quality supervision departments of various regions launched free-of-charge test about agricultural products in a large volume and scale. The experts and technical staff are organized to publicize the laws, regulations and knowledge and expertise about counterfeiting distinguishing and handle the complaints from rural people. 56,281 households in 17,786 villages have been covered. The samples have been randomly tested for 10,936 times, the fast on-site inspection has been conducted for 2286 times, the publicity events have been organized for 3,265 times, 688,109 publicity brochures have been released and 56,380 public inquiry and complaints have been received.

Second, investigate the illegal cases about quality of agricultural material, with focus on law enforcement over the products of fertilizers, agricultural machinery and accessories. 3,777 fertilizer producers were under investigation, 488 illegal cases about fertilizer quality were looked into, involving 7.138 million yuan.

Third, conduct joint co-governance and enhance the quality of regional agricultural material products. 76 key regions of agricultural material are identified and rectified. The key regions are focused on and the key enterprises are questioned. The rectification and improvement are combined to improve the quality of regional agricultural material products. Next, SAMR will target the problems with inadequacy of valid content and mis-labeling of some fertilizer products in the previous action, guidance will be offered to improve law enforcement and the action of “Lijian” of Quality Supervision for the anti-counterfeiting of agricultural material in the autumn will be carried out to provide more efficient service for agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

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