On April 17, the Shanghai Office of Joint IPR Conference released the White Paper of Shanghai on IPR in 2017. According to the White Paper, in 2017, the Shanghai police handled 395 criminal cases of IPR infringement, among which 280 were cracked and 575 suspects were caught; 74 cases about patent infringement were looked into. The administrative punishment was imposed upon those administrative counterparts outside Shanghai committing patent infringement acts for the first time.

The White Paper also revealed that Shanghai kept strong crackdown on IPR administrative law enforcement in 2017. The law enforcement inspection was carried out by the patent administrations for 34 times, involving 68 commercial units and over 800 patented products; 314 patent cases of various types were under trial, of which 240 were patent disputes. In addition, the administrations for industry, commerce and market regulation looked into 1,254 illegal cases of trademark infringement and confiscated 167,700 labels and other products in this regard. The cultural law enforcement agencies inspected 17,000 cultural business premises and confiscated 350,000 pirated books and illegal audio and video products.

In terms of judicial IPR protection, the courts in Shanghai heard 15,809 IPR cases of various types and solved 15,715 cases in 2017, up by 40.76% and 38.47% year on year, indicating substantial growth of total IPR cases handled and closed by Shanghai courts; the procurators in Shanghai pushed forward the work of notifying rights and obligations involved in the IPR cases and further improved the professional handling of IPR criminal cases. In 2017, 146 cases of IPR infringement were heard by Shanghai procurators, with 241 suspects involved under arrest.   

As further introduced, the volume and quality of IPR creation in Shanghai scored steady growth in 2017, registering 131,746 patent applications for the whole year, up by 17.2% year on year; For the same period, the patent grants in Shanghai reached 72,806, a year-on-year increase of 10.4%; PCT international patent applications reached 2,100, up by 34.6% year on year. Up to December 2017, Shanghai owned 100,433 valid invention patents, which means every 10,000 people hold 41, making Shanghai rank the 2nd nationwide in this respect.

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