Readers responding to WIPR’s most recent survey agree that the UK should see Brexit as a “big opportunity”.

Earlier in March, WIPR attended the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys spring conference.

During the conference, Hilde Vold-Burgess, managing partner at Acapo in Norway, said the UK should see Brexit as a “big opportunity”.

And the majority of survey respondents agreed: 63% sided with Vold-Burgess, although the survey did prompt differing views from readers.

Reinventing the wheel

One reader said that “fear of the unknown only creates fear for adventure”, while another said that “when one door closes, another one opens”.

They added: “Brexit is no different and there are a lot of doors that we will be allowed to open once we have left the EU.”

Another respondent explained that the UK could “reinvent the wheel” by negotiating new and favourable tariffs with the rest of the world while outside of the EU.

However, while one reader explained that there are opportunities in even the most unfortunate circumstances, generally Brexit will be “awful for UK businesses, awful for UK individuals, and awful for the EU”.

Others were just as sceptical, with one adding that if Brexit is a “big opportunity for lawyers, then it really is a disaster”.

Another added that there would be lots of questions by lots of clients.

“The EU gives you all the opportunities you might like to have. What more could a Brexit offer?” a reader questioned.

“Brexit is a big opportunity for lawyers, but the UK will incur significant internal costs. It’s likely to screw up whatever opportunities there may be—if only because of the huge number of issues to be addressed, and it’s unlikely to be better off.

“It would have gained more from its leadership position in the EU,” said another.

For this week’s question, we ask: “Last week, the US Supreme Court held that decorative elements of a cheerleading uniform may be protected by copyright law. Did the court make the right decision?”

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