Motorola Solutions has sued Hytera Communications in Germany as part of its continuing war against the China-based company.

In the latest development, Motorola filed patent infringement complaints at the Regional Court of Düsseldorf in Germany on Tuesday, April 18.

Motorola accused Hytera, and its subsidiary Hytera Mobilfunk, of infringing European patent number EP 2 342 851 B1 through the sale of Hytera’s two-way wireless communication devices that use “pseudo-trunking” functionality.

The communications company is seeking an injunction preventing Hytera from offering and delivering products with the “pseudo-trunking” feature in Germany.

It’s also seeking the recall and destruction of infringing products, and various damages.

In March, WIPR reported that Motorola had brought a patent infringement and trade secrets lawsuit at the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Motorola claimed that Hytera had intentionally infringed its IP and misappropriated its trade secrets, which allowed Hytera to “compete unfairly by bypassing investment in innovation”.

“Hytera’s investment was not in research and development, but in personnel—namely, Motorola’s personnel who had substantial access to Motorola’s proprietary technologies and who downloaded thousands of confidential technical documents in the weeks prior to their departures,” said the claim.

Motorola then filed a patent complaint with the US International Trade Commission, arguing that Hytera had infringed US numbers 8,116,284; 8,279,991; 7,369,869; 8,032,169; 7,729,701; 9,099,972; and 6,591,111.

The patents relate to two-way radio equipment systems and related software.

Mark Hacker, general counsel and chief administrative officer of Motorola Solutions, said: “Today’s action is another important step in our efforts to protect Motorola Solutions’ long and distinguished track-record of innovation.”

Hacker added that Motorola remains confident that the legal actions it is taking globally “will be effective in stopping Hytera’s unlawful conduct”.

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