On September 17, Zhong Shan, Minister of Commerce presided over a workshop with multinational companies and invited six executives of multinationals from five countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Japan and South Korea, to exchange views. Li Chenggang, Assistant Minister of MOFCOM attended the workshop.

The companies attending the workshop are all multinational representatives from information technology, automobiles, machinery manufacturing, finance, consulting, etc. They express full confidence in China's future development and highly appreciate China's opening-up measures, saying they will continue to expand investment and cooperation in China. The entrepreneurs talk about their own views on the international economic and trade situation and the Chinese economy, and put forward some suggestions on the business environment and IPR protection in China.

Zhong Shan said, he is grateful to entrepreneurs sharing their achievements and wisdom and understand their concerns and demands. The MOFCOM will earnestly study and resolve the solutions. President Xi Jinping has repeatedly stressed that the opening-up is China's fundamental policy and that China's door of opening-up will not be closed, and will only open even wider. History has proved that openness can bring progress and isolation will only lead to backwardness. As China always practises what it preaches, the opening-up measures it announced this year are gradually under implementation. In the future, China will be more open up at a higher level.

Zhong indicated that since this year, the Chinese economy has kept stable growth and has maintained a steady and sound development trend, which is a strong response to China's economic rhetoric. Despite the difficulties and challenges, China's economic structure continues to optimize, its growth dynamic has been transformed faster, and solid progress has been made in high-quality development. We have both the confidence and ability to ensure the fulfilment of different objectives and tasks.

Zhong added that the enterprises present here all pay close attention to IPR protection, which is also a challenge faced by all countries. A successful enterprise can not develop when confronting IPR infringement, nor can a country. To protect IPRs is a need for China's own development, thus IPRs cannot be protected too much. China will continue to strengthen IPR protection and create a better business environment for enterprises.

Zhong continued that entrepreneurs are concerned about the possible consequences of trade conflicts between the world's two largest economies, which we also would not like to see. There are no winners in the trade war. The US pursued unilateralism and protectionism which will affect the interests of both sides, harm the global economy and do no good to all the countries. China-US economic and trade relations should be mutually beneficial for win-win development. Cooperation is the only correct choice for China and the United States.

The representatives of Cohen Group (US), Emerson(US), SAP (Germany), HSBC (UK), Samsung Electronics (South Korea), Toyota Motor (Japan) attended the workshop.

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