Recently, Beijing Intellectual Property Office organized the 2017 Mid-Year Work Conference on District Intellectual Property. Deputy Commissioner Zhou Liquan attended the conference and made a speech. Approximately 50 attendees including responsible staff of related departments and public institutes under the Office as well as representatives from different districts participated in the conference.

Three district representatives made speeches in terms of boosting special campaigns at the conference. Related departments and units introduced their work and made deployments on priority work next step.

Zhou reviewed work in the first half year and raised requirements in terms of work in the second half year. He underscored the following points: 1)making a difference in the transfer, utilization, protection and service of IP through making full use of resources in districts; 2)improving urban development levels by addressing well the relationship of dispersal and improvement; 3)strengthening communication between offices in the municipality and districts and raising active service awareness to enhance regional indigenous innovation capabilities.

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