On August 30, Hefei Intellectual Property Court was officially established. Zhang Shuyuan, Vice President of the Supreme People’s Court and Yao Yuzhou, Member of Standing Committee and Secretary of the Political and Judiciary Commission of the CPC Anhui Provincial Committee jointly inaugurated Hefei IP Court.

Approved by the Supreme People’s Court and the Office of Commission for Establishing Government Organization of Anhui, Hefei IP Court as a specialized tribunal belongs to Hefei Intermediate People’s Court. It is responsible for the trial of the following types of cases:

IP civil and administrative cases of first instance related to patents, technical secrets, computer software, new plant varieties, IC layout design, well-known trademark identification and monopoly disputes in the jurisdiction of Anhui;

IP civil, administrative and criminal cases in the jurisdiction of Hefei except those within jurisdiction of the grassroots people’s courts;

Appeals of IP civil, administrative and criminal cases of first instance against the judgment by the grassroots people’s courts within the jurisdiction of Hefei city;

IP civil, administrative and criminal cases of first instance tried by Hefei IP Court can be appealed to Anhui Provincial Higher People’s Court.

It is learned that except the above-mentioned IP cases administered by Hefei IP Court, other cases originally in the jurisdictions of the Intermediate People’s Court and the grassroots people’s courts having a reach in IP cases remain unchanged.

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