According to Tangshan Administration for Industry and Commerce, since Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of PRC has established trademark registration window in Tangshan from March1, 2,540 trademark application consultants had been received and 845 trademark registration applications had been handled up to December 8.

Tangshang Municipal Government requires in Several Policy Measures on the City Demonstration Construction of Entrepreneurial Innovation Base for Small and Micro Businesses in Tangshan that local small and micro businesses who successfully apply for trademark registration from 2016 to 2018 can apply for a reward of 2,000 yuan.

It is understood that enterprises who once had to apply for trademarks by going to Beijing or through trademark agencies can now register trademarks through the registration window in Tangshan, which shortens the registration time and reduces registration fees. At present, the basic fee for each trademark registration application is 300 yuan, with inquiry and other services free of charge, which benefits trademark applicants. The business volume of trademark registration window in Tangshan maintains steady growth.

The trademark applications accepted by the window reflects the following features:

First, in terms of industrial distribution, the number of trademark applications in service industry is 425, accounting for 45% of the total number, that of industry 331, making up 35% and that of agriculture 189, taking up 20%.

Second, in regard to the scale of market entities, applications from large and medium enterprises are more than that of other enterprises.

Besides, 4 applications of geographical indication trademarks were submitted through the window.

The window has also installed trademark research software, released Service Guidance on Trademark Registration, established a wechat advisory group and provided instructions to key enterprises.

It is known that Tangshan Administration for Industry and Commerce will open online application channel, providing more convenient services for enterprises, continuously stimulating market vigor and constantly promoting the facilitation reform of trademark registration in Tangshan.

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