Recently, security copyright service platform for mobile applications was officially launched. Cooperated with Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC), Beijing Network Association and mobile application markets of various sizes, this platform built the working mechanism of rapid restraint of copyright infringement within 5 working days. Specifically, copyright infringing APP products will be removed from application stores within 5 working days, which provides right holders with fast restraint solutions in copyright infringement and unfair competition fields.

With the rapid development of mobile internet, mobile application service has become important information spreading channel and public service platform on internet. However, it is the openness and virtuality of mobile internet that makes the risk and cost of copyright infringement reduce to record low. Though plenty of manpower, material resources and time have been spent, the expected right protection effect can hardly be realized due to the lack of report access, difficult complaint and long judicial procedure pendency.

The above problems will be improved after the launch of this service platform. For example, a publishing house has removed over 100 infringing APP products by utilizing this mechanism, recovering lost of tens of millions yuan.

Internet infringement not only brings great losses to copyright holders, but also damages the copyright environment on which internet industry relies, which becomes bottleneck of industrial development. Fortunately, security copyright service platform for mobile application assists many copyright holders to safeguard their rights, making great contribution in purifying copyright environment and promoting the development of copyright industry.

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