According to the report of Japanese media, 2016 World Intellectual Property Statistic Data released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) reveals that China has ranked first globally in the number of patent applications for 6 years in succession.

The total number of global patent applications increased by 8.3% (namely, reaching 3.13 million), creating arecord high. The number of China’s patent applications reached 1.34 million, increasing by 21.5% compared with that in 2015 and ranking first for 6 years insuccession. The number of America’s patent applications was 0.61 million, increasing by 2.7% and ranking the second. The number of Japan’s patent application reached 0.32 million, decreased by 0.1% and ranking the third. And the number of Korea’s patent application was 0.21 million, reducing by 2.3% and ranking the fourth.

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