Recently, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region released the 2018-2020 Action Plan of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Implementing the Strategy of Local Revitalization through Trademark and Brand Development, with an aim to enhance the awareness of market players and the whole society in trademark and brand, create and promote the favorable environment of trademark and brand development, improve the core influence and competitiveness of trademarks and brands in Guangxi and offer new momentum for the economic development in Guangxi based on the objective of “revitalizing the enterprises, empowering the rural people and building a powerful Guangxi through trademark development”.

The Action Plan indicated that Guangxi will launch a“brand publicity month”, with a focus on publicizing trademark laws and regulations and the strategies about trademark and brand, touring publicity events about trademark and brand in Guangxi, building a Guangxi trademark and brand exhibition center and carrying out work inspection, on-site inquiry, brand exhibition and corporate brand diagnosis in combination with practical work.

As introduced, Guangxi will give strong support to the service development in trademark registration agency, brand and value evaluation and innovative design of brands, improve the service capability and levels of trademark and brand service enterprises in Guangxi, and set up a “information publicity system of irregular corporate catalogue and administrative punishment” to combat the regulation-breaking and illegal acts of trademark service enterprises.

In order to ensure the implementation of the Action Plan, Guangxi will subsidize the enterprises or other economic organizations of international trademark registration, geographic indication trademarks and local public brands, and financially support the building of trademark and brand startup and innovation bases and the model cities, counties and enterprises in terms of implementing the trademark and brand strategy as well as those national brand valuation and release events led by Guangxi.

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