Recently, Guizhou Administration for Industry and Commerce deployed a half-year key action against unfair competition within the province, with focus on the industries and fields of online transaction, rural market, medicine and education. Prominent issues of social concern and intense complaint, including market confusion, commercial bribery, false publicity and online-related unfair competition, will be solved to maintain the market order of fair competition and protect the legitimate rights and interests of business operators and consumers.

In terms of unfair competition and IPR infringement acts, such as market confusion, trade secret theft and other IPR infringements, efforts will be made to enhance the protection of the trade secrets of leading industrial companies, enterprises of renowned trademarks, or influential brands and technology-intensive ones. To focus on the market confusion and false publicity acts in the rural markets and the urban-rural fringe areas and target the daily use goods and alcohol goods, efforts will be made to rectify the use of marks identical or similar to the name, package and decoration of influential branded goods; use of others’company names (including simplified names and brands) of certain influence; use of others’ registered trademarks as shop names of enterprise names to misguide the public, which all constitute unfair competition.

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