Since this year, Anhui has been making continuous efforts to combat trademark infringement by tracing the source, destroying the criminal hideouts and keeping tough crackdown. A large batch of typical cases about trademark infringement have been handled, which effectively protects the trademark-related rights of provincial enterprises. According to Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce, as of the end of August, Anhui filed 2,651 cases of trademark infringement and closed 2,308 cases of them, involving 11.587 million yuan. The fine totaled 9.694 million yuan. As compared to the previous year, the four above-mentioned figures increase by 31%, 30.2%, 94.8% and 17% respectively.

As introduced, among the trademark infringement cases filed for investigation, Anhui cracked 1,299 cases about infringement upon well-known trademarks, 182 about infringement upon the trademarks of foreign-invested enterprises, 803 about infringement upon the trademarks of food, drugs and healthcare products and 1,348 about infringement upon trademarks in the rural market. 35 hideouts of trademark counterfeiting were destroyed, 13 cases were transferred to the judicial organs, thus helping the enterprises obtain the compensation for trademark infringement at 7.039 million yuan.

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