On September 26, the “2018 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference” was held in Dubai, UAE. As the only Chinese enterprise invited to give a keynote speech at the conference, Alibaba dispatched its representative, Zheng Junfang, its chief platform governor to share the practical experience of Alibaba in IPR protection with over 600 global government, industrial and business guests present at the conference, that is to promote the forming of a co-governance system of “law enforcement+right holders+platform”.

In the opinion of Zheng Junfang, the IPR protection system should mainly encourage interested parties to conduct cooperation and co-governance so that a multiple of entities including governments, right holders and e-commerce platforms can share the governance information and technology to achieve coordinated co-governance and mutual-beneficial and win-win development. During the NPC and CPPCC in 2017, Alibaba called for the fight against counterfeiting “just like combating the drunk driving”, which gradually won the public consensus and extensive echo from both domestic and foreign enterprises. So far, 105 brand owners have joined in the Alibaba Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance (AACA) to work with the platforms and the law enforcement authorities in the fight against counterfeits.

As the “IPR fast track” for the fast handling of IPR-related complaints and original work protection platform go online, Alibaba has signed a cooperation MOU with the law enforcement administrations of 31 provinces. A set of co-governance system for IPR protection based on “law enforcement+right holders+platforms” and the whole social interaction has been built in a closed loop.

Meanwhile, in order to create a better business environment, Alibaba took the lead to resort to the law weapon against the counterfeiters. It was the first e-commerce platform to sue online counterfeiters and continued to work with the right holders for civil lawsuits, attempting to increase the counterfeiting cost and make the counterfeiters pay a huge price or even lose all their property.

As learned, the “2018 International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference” is jointly hosted by Interpol, Dubai police, Ministry of Interior UAE, UL Company, International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC) and Emirates Intellectual Property Association (EIPA). Held for twelve times so far, the Conference has been generally recognized as one of the highest-level and most authoritative international conferences.

This is not the first time for Alibaba to interact with Interpol on IPR issue. This May, Interpol rep Ms. Francoise visited Alibaba for international anti-fake cooperation. She hoped to work with Alibaba on cross-national or cross-border anti-fake cases so that the Interpol members can be better mobilized to assist in anti-fake efforts, Alibaba’s successful anti-fake experience can be promoted globally and Alibaba can set a good example for Interpol members.

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