In recent years, Beijing increased efforts on IPR protection. On December 6, it was learned from Beijing IP Court that since its founding, the cases filed with the court grows at an annual rate of 30% on average. According to the reserved estimation, the number of cases received will exceed 17,000 cases in 2018, quadrupled from the estimated figure at the beginning of founding.

According to Song Yushui, Member of Party Leadership Group and Deputy Head of Beijing IP Court, as of the end of November this year, the court handled a total of over 50,000 cases of various kinds, among which nearly 40,000 cases of various kinds were closed as of the end of October this year, at an annual growth rate of over 50%. This year, the number of cases to be closed will exceed 14,000.

Since 2016, the new cases received by the court demonstrate five prominent features, in particular seeing more cases related to national strategic and emerging industries, including hi-tech ones involving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, 4G communication and interactive TV applied technology. Also, the cases arisewhere both overseas foreign-related parties still choose Beijing IP Court for litigation, which is quite rare in the practice of domestic IP justice.

In addition, Beijing IP Court continues to increase efforts on judicial protection. As is learned, the court tries to help lower the cost of holders for IPR protection by increasing significantly the compensation over IPR infringement to let the infringers pay their due price. To take patent cases as an example, the compensation for patent infringement at Beijing IP Court averaged 450,000 yuan in 2015 and rose to 1.38 million yuan in 2016, which effectively fulfills the requirements for increased IPR protection efforts.

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