Government at all levels in China have continuously advanced the legitimization of software campaign nationwide in recent years and great achievements have been yielded. According to an annual report released by the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting for Promoting Genuine Software Application, in 2015, 92.63% of departments and public institutions affiliated with central government have completed the application of legitimate software. Governments at all levels have purchased 492 million yuan legitimate software, including operating system, office software and antivirus software.

As efforts to advance the legitimate software application campaign among the government bodies, the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting for Promoting Genuine Software Application has launched innovative initiatives, such as establishing responsibility system at the central and provincial governments, setting up a database pooling the information of the person in charge of the campaign nationwide. In order to stimulate the campaign advancing, an evaluation system has been established.

Meanwhile, striking fruits have been made for enterprises to carry forward the campaign. Statistics show that 98.62% of level five or above enterprises have completed the legitimate software application. All the large and medium sized financial institutions and group headquarters of press and publication industry have completed the applications of legal software. In 2015, 2,882 enterprises have realized the goal of software legalization. Among which, 2,438 were pushed forward by inspection. As of the end of 2015, more than 27,000 companies have passed the inspection and examination. 75.35% of subordinate enterprises under financial institution and 93.8% of affiliated enterprises for the press and publication sector have completed the tasks.

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